2020 Undergraduate Research Scholars Orientation

2020 Undergraduate Research Scholars Orientation 

On October 14th the LAUNCH office hosted its annual Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) Orientation. The 2020-2021 class of Undergraduate Research Scholars includes 300 students spanning from the College Station, Galveston, Qatar and Dental Hygiene campuses. This class represents every single college at Texas A&M, with young researchers representing fields as diverse as crop science, modern philosophy, and nuclear engineering. Students who successfully complete the URS program will ultimately:

  • Produce a written undergraduate thesis to be published in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Capstone Collection in the Texas A&M OAKTrust Repository
  • Make a public presentation
  • Earn a university-level honors transcript distinction along with a URS medallion as official graduation regalia
  • Acquire knowledge that didn’t come from a classroom
  • Gain a better understanding of graduate school
  • Improve their chances for acceptance into graduate or professional schools, fellowships, and grants
  • Develop a professional network of students and faculty

The 2020 URS orientation began with introductions from the URS Thesis Reviewerswho gave their number one tips for how to be successful in the program. LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research Associate Director Dr. Sarah Misemer then gave a presentation over the general program requirements as well as changes to this year’s program.. The LAUNCH staff then held a Q&A portion that allowed scholars to ask questions and gain greater insight into the program. 

In the spring, continuing students will further refine their research and writing, and will have the chance to present at the LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium. This Symposium will showcase undergraduate researchers by giving them the opportunity to communicate their findings as principal authors to the University’s scholarly community. This year’s URS Symposium will be held on February 24, 2021. For more information on this event please visit our events page here

To learn more about our undergraduate research programs visit our website at launch.tamu.edu/Undergraduate-Research.