Just Released: Latest Volume of Explorations Highlights Undergraduate Research at Texas A&M

Authors who have been included in the creating of Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal gather to take a picture.
Members of Undergraduate Research including students and faculty from Texas A&M gather to celebrate the releasing of Volume 11 Explorations Journal

On November 15, 2019 Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal released its eleventh volume. The student-run, faculty/staff-guided celebrated the recent publication last Friday, recognizing the authors, faculty advisers, and other contributors who make the journal possible each year.

This year’s journal had a 20% acceptance rate, coming from the two staged process of synopsis and full manuscript review. During the initial stages of review, the articles are sent through a double blind referee process and are reviewed by Explorations board members. The prospective articles are then sent to Texas A&M faculty reviewers and the author’s faculty mentor for approval. Finally, the conditionally accepted articles are passed through LAUNCH staff members and a professional third-party editor before publication.

This year, twelve unique undergraduate research articles featuring topics ranging from virtual reality to 3D printing to human sacrifice appear in the journal:

Amber May Ackley
Karla I. Chang

InNervate VR: Can Virtual Reality Teach Anatomy? by Amber May Ackley and Karla I. Chang Gonzalez

InNervate VR is a virtual reality application that seeks to improve anatomy education by teaching innervation, a concept that traditionally is challenging for students.

The Human Intestine in a Test Tube by Rachel Elizabeth Stading

Creating a controllable in vitro model that mimics the human intestine in a test tube is essential for understanding the human body.

Rachel Elizabeth Stading

Are Wild Sea Turtles Feeding During Nesting? by Nicole Guentzel

Assessing less-invasive methods to study the intersection of nutrition and reproduction of wild olive ridleys in Ostional, Costa Rica.

Nicole Guentzel

Influential Factors of Undergraduate Migration by Sara Adnan AlBanna

Understanding the influences on the decision of migration from and towards the Arabic Gulf for undergraduate studies amongst high school graduates.

Sara Adnan AlBanna

Designing Better Glucose Sensors for Diabetes Patients by Chirstopher Wright

How a patient with diabetes developed new fabrication techniques that could lead to huge advances in glucose sensors.

Christopher Wright

Thinking in Three Dimensions: Investigating Call Mechanotransduction in 3D-Printed Scaffolds by Darby Jane Ballard and Erica Michelle Huebner

Understanding the effects of mechanical stimuli on cell behavior may be the key to engineering tissues.

Utilization of Violence and Human Sacrifice by the Moche by Richard Dally

Behold! The Moche of Pre-Columbian Peru and their sanguineous practice of human sacrifice.

Richard Dally

Shining Light on Tuberculosis by Camella J. Carlson

Modeling the lung for an innovative TB detection method.

Camella J. Carlson

Second Life as a Synchronous E-Learning Tool by Taylor Bell

As institutions continue to push toward more online courses, it is imperative that the quality of education be maintained even as the delivery method changes, and one way to accomplish that is through the use of interactive worlds like Second Life.

Taylor Bell

Binomial Rhapsody: Turning Math into Music by Ritika Bhattacharjee

How composing music from continuous mathematical functions could change the way we perceive human-algorithmic interaction and actually make us more creative.

Rikita Bhattacharjee

Charlotte’s Web: Words, Weaving, and Womanhood by Rebecca Baumgarten

Charlotte is a unique literary spider who saves Wilbur through feminine channels of power: spinning and language.

Rebecca Baumgarten

Mixed Reality: The VR Experience Visualized for Screens by John Donaldson

Using a virtual camera, we can display VR content for screens in a more visually appealing and informative way.

John Donaldson

The Volume 11 faculty letter is written by Dr. Karen Kubena, who reflects on the last 37 years of her teaching career at Texas A&M, sharing her words of wisdom as she steps into the next stage of her life.

Dr. Karen Kubena

Additionally, the Volume 11 cover features an original painting by Ashley Hayden inspired by “InNervate VR: Can Virtual Reality Teach Anatomy?”

Ashley Hayden

Please follow these links to read Volume 11:

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Explorations: The Texas A&M UndergraduateJournal is an interdisciplinary publication that showcases the most cutting-edge, original, and student-driven scholarship by undergraduates pursuing intellectual and aesthetic experiences outside of the classroom. Explorations plays an important role for undergraduate research at Texas A&M University by building connections between undergraduate researchers across all disciplines and the greater Texas A&M community.

For more information about Explorations, including the publication timeline, submission requirements, and how to become a faculty reviewer for the journal, visit https://explorations.tamu.edu.