Announcing the 2019 Class of the Academy of Undergraduate Researchers Across Texas

The LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research office welcomes the Texas A&M University students selected for the 2019-2020 cohort of The Academy of Undergraduate Research Across Texas (AURA Texas).

AURA Texas is a partnership among the offices of undergraduate research at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin and their offices of Government Relations that fosters a community of elite student researchers at the two flagship universities.

12 students are selected each year from a range of disciplines:

  • 6 from Texas A&M University
  • 6 from University of Texas

2019-2020 Texas A&M University Members include:

  • Morgan Chapman ’20 – Chemistry
  • Ryan Randle ’20 – History
  • Natalie Coleman ’20 – Civil Engineering
  • Faris Zaibaq ’21 – Veterinary Medicine
  • Douglas Fletcher ’20 – Statistics
  • Tory Martin ’20 – Philosophy 

Members of AURA Texas are selected from LAUNCH programs. These students are chosen for their contributions to undergraduate researcher at Texas A&M University. Many of these students participate in the LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars thesis program, where they complete a thesis under the direction of a faculty adviser, and some are members of the LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Ambassadors program, where they work to inspire broader engagement in undergraduate research by educating and serving the Texas A&M University community.

This cohort of AURA Texas members will represent Texas A&M University as they publicize the importance of undergraduate research and the impact it has on students and their future careers. As part of this Academy, students will be interacting with researchers from TAMU and UT, faculty, administrators, and state officials in order to showcase the importance of undergraduate programs that exist outside of the classroom.  

This year’s AURA Texas members will be in attendance at the following events:

LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) Symposium

University of Texas Research Week in Austin, Texas

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